The name is Gary. I'm a person who likes to be who I am. A 16 year old who just graduated from Montfort Secondary School. I'm now in Ngee Ann Poly studying Mass Communication. My interests? Making music, watching dramas, blogging, shopping, and the occasional reading.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hello people! It's been a long, long, long time since I entered the Blogger URL into my address bar. It's the holidays now and I have no job, greatttt.

Anyway, my Internet connection was down for 2 days due to some fault with the modem/router. I can tell you it was rather depressing, not able to Facebook, or check my email. This makes me realise how dependent and attached to the Internet all of us are... something to think about.

I'm not even a FB addict(at least I wouldn't like to think so), but I still felt empty and unconnected. I wonder how the true blue FB addicts will feel D: So to kill some time, I headed to the library for the first time in awhile. I still remember my love of reading from my childhood. Used to read tons and tons of books, leading to my standard of English escalating by leaps and bounds(for that age). Of course now, it's not that spectacular any more.

Ok back to books. I'd like to recommend this author to both book-lovers and book-haters alike. Haruki Murakami, a really good Japanese novelist. I haven't finish the book I borrowed, but I'm going back to read more now. Seems like my old past-time has once again sparked alive in me.

Posted at 7:53 PM

Thursday, May 21, 2009
Caramel Frappuccino

I've been neglecting my blog a lot, so sorry. Haha. Poly life is damn fast sia. It's already the 2nd month though it feels like only a short while. Can't wait for the second sem; I prefer the modules there (;

Anyway, am at Wisma's Starbucks now with Ulysses and Terence, doing our project. Hannah, Nadirah, Amrita, and Pooja from the other group are also here, so it's like a mini class gathering, hahaha. We're like slacking more than doing work la.

GSS is coming~. Being in town makes me feel like shopping, but I gotta resist the temptation, lol.

Posted at 3:26 PM

Friday, May 8, 2009
Vox Pops

Finally it's Friday! It has been a super tiring week, with assignments to complete every single day. I guess it will probably get worse, since it's only the 3rd week. Can get ready to say goodbye to my sleep liao, haha.

Poly life is fun though, getting along well with my classmates. Friday's probably the only day we get to relax a little before heading back to our laptops and notes.

Radio production today. Going around school interviewing people is damn fun, hahaha. Had late lunch at King Albert Park's McDonalds with classmates today after tutorial before going to play pool at Bukit Timah Plaza or something. Shawn(E2) and Derek(E3) were also there playing, lol.

K, my life's pretty boring right now. Hope it gets more fun and exciting (;

Something funny happened today.

Nadirah : You know, I just realised how fax works. Last time I thought the machine will take in the paper and roll it up and it goes underground through a wire then will come out on the other side. Then yesterday when I went to fax something, the guy gave me back my paper and I was asking him "Fax already anot? How come you give me back my paper?! You got fax?"

Posted at 8:38 PM

Thursday, April 30, 2009
I wanna go shopping D;

I'm currently stuck in school now because of the JPSAE meeting later on at 5pm, sigh. It seems that I'm only able to blog in school, cause I usually have a lot of time to spare. At home it's just sleep, tv, or doing other things. Haha. I wonder what the meeting is about. Hope they don't force me to join band or anything, cause I got in through that.

Speaking about CCA, the baracuda people finally called me yesterday, yay. Going for interview on Monday. FYI, Baracuda Batucada is NP's percussion ensemble. Hope I get in.

Assignments are really starting to pile up, and it's only the second week. There's already 4 due next week, and more on week 4. Bah, I'm probably going to spend the whole of tomorrow completing my assignments. And I have yet to pick a radio station for my radio report. Don't want to do 987 as it'll be damn common. Anyone knows a good station that I can listen to without boring me? I guess I'm just not a radio person, lol.

Posted at 3:38 PM

Monday, April 27, 2009
My new life

Hey people, I'm finally going to resume posting again, hahaha. It's mainly because I'm bored now and have nothing to do. Well, I actually have a lot of reading to do and some assignments, but there's still time. Am at Makan Place(NP's new foodcourt) with Matthew and his friend now. Since I have nothing better to do, I'm accompanying Matthew until 5.30 for his softball practice. Ok, something random. Subway's my new favourite fast food now, if you can consider it fast. Have been eating it a lot recently, until I told myself 2 days ago(when I last ate it) that I would stop because Subway is not healthy for both my body and my wallet. But... I'm eating it now, hahaha. At least the school's outlet is cheaper... Cookies~

Poly life has been great so far. Super cool campus, great class, and everything. My timetable is pretty relax as well, except for Tuesday(lecture from 9-4), and Wednesday(tutorials from 9-4). Already met almost all my friends who also went to NP too.

Ok thats enough for now, I'll blog again soon enough. (;

Posted at 4:46 PM

Monday, February 9, 2009

SWO performance at Istana's CNY Garden Party yesterday. The place was really big and nice. And the portable toilets for the event was damn cool, lol. Got flowers for the smell inside one. And the flush and sink is operated by a foot pump. We rotated 10 pop songs over and over again for like 3 hours, so it's very tiring and painful for the players, haha. But the food there was delicious. I guess it has to be, since it's food for the ministers.

Going to Genting tomorrow for a super short getaway. Will be staying for 1 night before going down to KL for some shopping. This was planned only this afternoon, haha.

Good way to kill some time from the remaining 8 weeks until semester starts. Around 6 if you count in the orientation.

Posted at 6:58 PM

Thursday, February 5, 2009
Bored with life, for now

JC has started already. Meaning, most of my friends are busy. Guess I won't be going out that much now. Well, at least I can now save cash and get the things I want, lol.

I got posted to NP's Mass comm, the course I wanted, so I'm pretty happy. The problem is, the semester starts somewhere in April, which is a good 2 months from now. It's damn boring at home, so I think I should be looking for a job soon, haha.

Went back to school with Melvin today. Taught the 2 new horn juniors some basics. It's nice to see the band's spirit is improving. Can't really say the same for their playing though. D:

Posted at 6:13 PM

Saturday, January 24, 2009
Time draws nearer

I'm back, after being MIA for quite some time. Haven't really been busy, just kind of lazy to blog. (;

Went for Mass Comm interview at NP yesterday. It was okay I guess, shall just wait for the results patiently, hahaha.

Then today, there was SSW rehearsal. Side-read a piece, Elegy for Ur before calling it a day. Had lunch at Bishan with some committee people + Shawn. Discussed some things for awhile before heading over to J8's Swensens for our desert, lol. Had Frosted Chocolate Malt... too sweet for my liking. And I treated Eugene to his ice-cream, since his birthday was coming. He said he would pay me back though. I don't mind :b Then Mr A. Ng came over to help configure a computer/workstation for Jonas. Should be going to SLS with them next week to get the parts. Can get my keyboard at the same time.

Jonas and Mr Ng left, and the rest of us went to Yamaha at PS cause Cheng Fu wanted to get some stuff. Didn't get anything at the end though, but we're going to Band World this coming wednesday cause it's cheaper there.

CNY is approaching :D

Posted at 8:35 PM